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Dr. Dollinger offers a number of free resources to help Behavioral Healthcare Professionals and clients get informed and stay informed on the latest advances in ADHD/LD, Chronic Illness, Senior Care, and Practice Development.

Dr. Dollinger’s blogs offer his unique perspective on each topic based on his experience, and Decide to Thrive! © model. In contrast, Dr. Dollinger’s newsletters offer in-depth coverage on each topic from multiple viewpoints using a wide variety of resources.

ADHD/LD Alert Blog: Dr. D. comments on the latest research, treatment breakthroughs, news stories, and controversies as well as principles, tips and techniques that have stood the test of time for thousands of his clients and his own four ADHD children.

Free ADHD Times Newsletter: Covers the latest research on assessment, intervention, medication, alternative treatments, integrative medicine approaches, school interventions, program design, case studies, tips, techniques, resources, and product and literature reviews.

Chronic Illness Alert Blog: Dr. D. comments on latest research and treatment methods for major disorders, responds to reader questions, and focuses on how to use the Decide to Thrive! © model to achieve a vibrant lifestyle while living with a chronic illness. Dr. D. has multiple family members with serious chronic illnesses. Learn what works to keep them happy in their marriage, work, and family life.

Free Chronic Illness Times Newsletter: The newsletter’s focus is on giving people with chronic illnesses, their families, and Behavioral Health Professionals, the knowledge, resources, and action steps necessary to help them live a vibrant and meaningful life while meeting the challenges of their illness. Each issue provides ongoing coverage of current research and treatment findings, Multisystemic management, case studies, nutrition, exercise, recipes, financial/occupational advice, relationships, sexuality, socialization, resources, and product reviews.

Senior Care Alert Blog: This blog is primarily designed for Senior Care Professionals working in Nursing homes or Assisted Living Facilities but nonprofessionals caring for loved ones may also find benefit. Dr. D. offers his perspective on current research in Geropsychology and related fields, current treatment trends, intervention tips, resources, and important government policy decisions that effect Senior Care.

Free Senior Care Times Newsletter: This newsletter is designed primarily for Senior Care Professionals working in institutions but nonprofessional caregivers may also find benefit. Each issue provides in-depth coverage of current research on cognitive and behavioral assessment and intervention, cognitive and behavioral effects of medical conditions, red flags for dementia, program design and implementation, medications, alternative treatments, integrative medicine approaches, case studies, resources, and product and literature reviews.

Practice Development Alert Blog: Dr. Dollinger believes helping others achieve their potential for excellence is the greatest business in the world. Unfortunately, most training programs focus entirely on teaching Behavioral Healthcare Professionals the skills to help facilitate client achievement without teaching the business skills necessary to allow the work to occur.

Learning these essential skills can be daunting and time consuming. Join Dr. D as he candidly and unreservedly discusses all things related to practice development and helps you build the practice of your dreams without having to re-invent the wheel.

Free Practice Development Times Newsletter: Dr. D.’s motto: “Do the kind of work you want to do. Earn the kind of income you deserve.” - has provided the framework for his own practice’s meteoric growth. Now he is offering you the benefits of his unique methods and insights usually reserved for his private consulting clients. Whether your Behavioral Healthcare Practice needs a jumpstart or an overhaul you are sure to find timely, practical, and effective strategies, tactics, and resources covering every aspect of practice development in each new issue.