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Welcome To Comprehensive Counseling Center

Whether they're at home, school, or work most people are just surviving instead of thriving.
If you, or someone you care about, are not exactly where you want to be in life, we know how to help.


Comprehensive Counseling is a team of experts in human behavior dedicated to helping individuals and organizations achieve their potential for excellence.

We have developed an innovative intervention system called Decide to Thrive! © The Decide to Thrive! © system uses scientifically validated interventions to address the unique biological, psychological, and social needs of the whole person and their environment by using and improving their strengths and skills. Our methods are goal-directed, practical, and individualized for every client.

Comprehensive Counseling prides itself on being the area's most complete counseling center. We have experts in nearly every area of behavioral or interpersonal concern and specialty programs in the areas of ADHD, Chronic Illness, Dementia/Alzheimer's Disease, and Therapy for Therapists.

Medical insurance covers many services. We accept cash, checks, and major credit cards. Payment plans are also available. Our services are grouped into the areas of Assessment, Intervention, and Consultation.


Accurate assessment provides the foundation for effective interventions. You can't get to where you want to go if you're not sure where you are now. Accurate assessment saves you valuable time and money by insuring that you receive exactly the right service combinations that you need- No more, no less! We offer a complete array of assessment services including:

Neuropsychological Testing for Dementia, head trauma, stroke, ADHD, and Guardianship Evaluations for the elderly or otherwise cognitively impaired;

Psychological Testing for Mental Health diagnosis and intervention planning, Bariatric and Cosmetic surgery screening, adoption fitness, and Kindergarten preparedness;

Educational testing for Learning Disabilities and academic performance.

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Everyone's needs and abilities are different. Shouldn't your achievement plan be custom made to fit your specific goals using the latest empirically validated methods rather than some therapist's personal preferences?

Our Decide to Thrive! © system is based on Biopsychosocial Therapy, a scientifically validated strengths-based approach to addressing the medical, cognitive, emotional, social, and behavioral needs of the whole person.

We offer specialized programs in the areas of ADHD, Chronic Illness, Dementia care, and Therapy for Therapists.

Our intervention modalities include individual, couple, family, group, and workshop formats for adults, adolescents, and children.

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Let us help your business or organization by providing training, clinical supervision, or on-site services. Some of our service areas include:

Comprehensive Behavioral Healthcare for Nursing Homes- Neuropsychological Evaluations, Capacity Evaluations, individual, group, and family psychotherapy, employee training, clinical supervision, team consultation, and community education;

Behavioral Healthcare Practice Development- There is a lot more to building and running a Behavioral Healthcare Practice than just being a good clinician. Stop wasting your time and money by trying to reinvent the wheel and start building the practice of your dreams;

Clinical Supervision- Our approach works with any client population. Includes Consulting Supervision (Community Mental Health, Pastoral Counseling, Adolescent Residential Treatment Centers, all Licensed Behavioral Healthcare Professionals, and Nursing Home Social Workers) and License Qualification Compliance (Postdoctoral Psychologist, LCSW, and LCPC candidates);

Business Acceleration and Employee training: Grow your business by reviewing and addressing the 7 Essential Success Systems and let us train your employees in the most effective human influence skills to improve communication, conflict resolution, and customer satisfaction to put your business ahead of your competition;

Speaker's Bureau and Program Design: We can provide speakers to address your organization on any topic related to human behavior. Additionally, we can design or review any program related to human behavior for your organization.

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