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Our Founder

Scott A. Dollinger, Psy.D. is a visionary and innovator in Behavioral Healthcare Services. He is a therapist to therapists and a trainer to trainers. Dr. Dollinger is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist with six areas of specialization: Clinical Psychology, Neuropsychology, Geropsychology, Child and Adolescent Psychology, Marital and Family therapy and Professional/Organizational development.

Dr. Dollinger began providing direct clinical services to Behavioral Healthcare clients in 1983. He has worked in a variety of settings including: inpatient psychiatric units for the State and private hospitals, outpatient psychiatric practices, outpatient psychology practices, community mental health centers, residential treatment centers for high risk youth, and physical/cognitive rehabilitation centers. He performed assessment, intervention, training, program development, and consultation services and held positions as Counselor, Senior Clinician, Internship Director, Program Director, Division Vice President, and Chief Executive Officer. Additionally, Dr. Dollinger has acted as a consultant and testified in State hearings on policy issues for youth and he trains Family and Elder Law attorneys on dementia and Capacity Evaluations.

In spite of many clinical successes and opportunities to learn from practitioners of multiple disciplines, Dr. Dollinger found himself frustrated by the lack of consistent competency among healthcare and educational professionals when it came to working with certain diagnoses Read more. This situation became impossible to ignore when his own family members were found to have these conditions and did not receive appropriate diagnosis or treatment for them.

Since these areas received scant attention in his own training, Dr. Dollinger was forced to immerse himself in multidisciplinary empirical research on the treatment of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Learning Disabilities (LD), Alzheimer's Disease and Related Diseases (ADRD), and Chronic Illness (CI). After years of study, training, and trial and error, Dr. Dollinger developed an integrated system of care to meet these clients' unique needs. This system, derived from Biopsychosocial Therapy, is the cornerstone of our clinical approach.

Comprehensive Behavioral Healthcare for Nursing Home / Assisted Living residents

International research shows 80% of nursing home residents have some form of diagnosable psychiatric illness. The majority have Alzheimer's Disease or a Related Disease (ADRD). The rest are mainly depressed or anxious.

ADRD has reached epidemic levels in the United States. It occurs in 10% of people over age 65 and increases to more than 50% of people age 85 and over. Over 75% of nursing home residents have a dementia but only 12% of the residents in Illinois are diagnosed and receive appropriate treatment.

We provide Neuropsychological Evaluations, Capacity Evaluations, individual, group, and family psychotherapy, employee training, clinical supervision, team consultation, and community education at your site at no cost to your facility.

Our staff are specifically recruited and trained to work with the elderly and chronically ill. They are skilled in Neuropsychological assessment and do not carry an outside caseload. Your residents are their only clients. You get as many fulltime specialists as you need for free.

Working with us allows you to provide an integrated Behavioral Healthcare Program second to none that provides the best possible care for your residents and clearly distinguishes your commitment to excellence over your competitors. Give Dr. Dollinger a call for more information. 630-792-1343.

Behavioral Healthcare Practice Development

Whether you are flying solo or you have a hundred therapists working for you, there is a lot more to building and running a Behavioral Healthcare Practice than just being a good clinician. Today you need to be a Marketer, Administrator, Manager, Human Resources Officer, Lawyer, Accountant, Purchasing Agent, Customer Service Representative, Information Technician, Press Secretary, and Media Specialist just to get by.

Whether you are just starting out or have been practicing for years, let our founder, Dr. Scott Dollinger, help you stop wasting your time and money by trying to reinvent the wheel and start building the practice of your dreams.

Hourly and Package programs available; Call Dr. Dollinger to discuss your needs 630-792-1343.

Clinical Supervision

Use our experience and resources to help you achieve your goals for therapeutic excellence. Our Biopsychosocial Therapy approach works with any client population and we have experts on nearly every area of human behavior. Service areas include:

Consulting Supervision: Community Mental Health, Pastoral Counseling, Adolescent Residential Treatment Centers, all Licensed Behavioral Healthcare Professionals, and Nursing Home Social Workers

License Qualification Compliance: Postdoctoral Psychologists, LCSW and LCPC candidates

Rates for individuals and groups are available. Call Dr. Dollinger at 630-792-1343.

Business Acceleration and Employee training

Let our experts help you grow your business by reviewing and addressing the 7 Essential Success Systems necessary in every business and let us train your employees in the most effective scientifically validated human influence skills to improve communication, conflict resolution, and customer satisfaction to put your business ahead of your competition

Speakers Bureau and Program Design

We have experts in nearly every area of behavioral or interpersonal concern and can provide speakers to address your organization on any topic related to human behavior. Additionally, we can provide consultation or create any program related to human behavior you desire for your organization.



  • "Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Dementia."
  • "Recognizing and Treating the Demented Patient: A Primer for EldercareWorkers."
  • "Simple Strategies for Sustaining Senior Health."
  • "Prevention Through Delay: Essential Strategies for Senior Healthcare Workers."
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  • "The Role of Neuropsychological Evaluations in Capacity Evaluations: Best Practices for Attorneys."
  • "What Every Attorney Should Know About Neuropsychological Testing: Strengths and Limits of Evaluations."


  • "ADHD, What is It, How do You Know if You Have It, What can You Do About It?"
  • "ADHD : Origins and Accurate Assessment."
  • "Multisystemic Management of ADHD: Cutting Edge Interventions to Address the needs of the Whole Person."
  • "Love is Patient… Parentpower Superskills for ADHD Families."
  • "Parentpower: Superskills Training for Parenting in the Modern World."
  • "Effective Interventions for Grandparents Raising Grandchildren."
  • "Leadership Training for Youth Organizations I: Developmentally Appropriate Program Design."
  • "Leadership Training for Youth Organizations II: Positive Discipline and Essential Control Structures."
  • "Leadership Training for Youth Organizations III: How to Use and Train Volunteers Effectively."
  • Supercoach Seminar: "The Science of Success: Integrating Science to get Anybody to do Anything to the Limits of Their Potential."


  • The Winner's Edge I : "Secrets of Leveraging Language to Influence Others."
  • The Winner's Edge II: "Influence with Impact: Using the Empirically Validated Six Universal Laws of Influence."
  • "Founding Your Behavioral Healthcare Practice."
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  • "Making the Management Transition: The Transformation from Team-player to Team Leader."
  • "Converting Your Clients into Ravening Fans."
  • "Collaborative Competition: Converting Your Competition Into a Recurring Source of Revenue."

For additional information call Dr. Dollinger at 630-792-1343.