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Comprehensive Counseling offers a complete array of assessment services. Clients may choose from the following selections:

Neuropsychological Testing

Neuropsychology is the study of how brain deficits and injuries manifest in behavior. Neuropsychologists are advanced specialists in this field and in addition to course work in neuropsychology they are required to undergo two years of additional supervised training after they have achieved their doctorate. Neuropsychological tests are unique tools that help psychologists detect the presence of deficits or injuries and to identify their severity compared to same age individuals without deficits.

Neuropsychological testing is frequently used with geriatric clients in order to determine the presence and severity of dementias/Alzheimer's Disease, appropriate level of care (i.e. independent living, in-home caregivers, assisted living programs, skilled nursing care, dementia units), or as part of a legal Capacity Evaluation to determine a person's capacity to make and execute legal, medical, and financial decisions for themselves or whether they require the court to appoint a guardian.

Neuropsychological tests are also vital to assess the severity of injury and provide treatment recommendations for brain injuries following motor vehicle accidents, workplace accidents, and strokes.

Psychological Testing

Psychological tests are used to assess overall intellectual ability and personality structure. They provide information about overall intelligence level, cognitive strengths and weaknesses, coping skills, perception of self and others, and attitudes and beliefs about the world at large. This information is used in multiple fields including academic counseling and placement, public safety employment (police, fire, and emergency medical services), employee performance, Bariatric and Cosmetic surgery screening, adoption fitness, child custody evaluations, Kindergarten readiness, and to diagnose mental illness.

Educational Testing

Educational testing is recommended when a student is struggling to keep up with his peers or seems to have problems in particular areas such as math or reading. When students are shown to have intelligence within normal limits but are functioning two or more grade levels below their grade and this deficit is not caused by psychological or motivational factors, they may have a learning disorder and qualify for special educational services from their school.

Sometimes parents disagree with evaluations provided by the school. Some parents have expressed concerns about the fact that the School Psychologist works for the school not for the student. In these cases, having testing done by an advocate for the child may serve to alleviate their concerns.

Our psychologists are all trained in educational, psychological, and neuropsychological testing. This gives them a much broader base of testing instruments from which to draw and can address emotional and neurological conditions that may also be present.

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Evaluations

The accurate diagnosis and treatment of ADHD is an area of clinical specialty at Comprehensive Counseling. While the popular press continues to encourage the mistaken notion that ADHD is a controversial diagnosis, there is in fact little actual debate among international researchers about the basic prevalence, features, and outcomes of ADHD. (For more information about current research and treatment of ADHD please visit our blog, newsletters, and products pages.)

Many of the behavioral symptoms of ADHD are shared with other medical or neurological problems and can easily be misdiagnosed by nonspecialists. We offer a comprehensive biopsychosocial assessment including a Structured Diagnostic Interview with Mental Status Exam, developmental and medical history, structured checklists, and computerized continuous performance testing.

The advantages of using computerized testing are many. It provides objective data on attention processes instead of observer opinions. It can assist with evaluating medication effectiveness and aid in determining appropriate dosages. It can similarly assist with monitoring the effectiveness of behavioral interventions and other training procedures. ADHD is frequently accompanied by other problems such as learning disabilities, behavioral disorders, or other neurological problems. If this is suspected we can perform other neuropsychological, psychological, or educational testing as needed.

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